Denoting the passage between work and life, workLIFE turns re-purposed doors, from a seniors home, into a free-standing chalkboard. Doors are both “ways in” or “ways out”. Entrances and exists. Open or closed. They keep you in and keep you out. Similarly, work and life can both separate and connect us. Meaning is found in relation to the people that move through them. With the goal of crowd-sourcing meaning, we invite you to write what work and life mean to you.

Constructed with : Kai Nagata, Chris Morley, Fiona Rayher, Tara Mahoney, Peter Holmes, Tammy Tsang, Jon Tsang

Design and consulting : Ben Z Cooper

Built at : Vancouver Community Labratory

Inspired by : Candy Chang

Facilitated by : Gen Why Media

Commissioned by : XYBOOM

Exhibited at : W2 Media Cafe & SFU Campus


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